2019-2020 Year Book Inserts

Since this year is a bit different and we couldn't do a proper yearbook signing, we instead had you fill out a form with a bunch of fun questions which we then turned into these yearbook inserts!
Click on your grade link below to print out your student's yearbook insert! 
Have a great summer! TC
We were also able to do a live yearbook signing for both our 5th and 6th grade classes. The links to the PDF's for both of those yearbook signings are below.

Mask Parade in the News!

On Wednesday, February 26th all of our scholars created masks for our Mask Parade. Below is the article from the Standard Examiner! 
Mask parade at Taylor Canyon helps students learn about their cultures, bolsters learning in other subjects


ALA Scholars Visit Veteran's Home

On Tuesday, November 12th our ALA Scholars visited the George E. Wahlen Veterans Home. Below is the article from the Standard Examiner along with some pictures that were taken at the event. We are so proud of our ALA Scholars and all that they did to bring joy to those veterans. They brought blankets that they had made to give to the veterans along with performing for them and reading stories. 

Ogden elementary students visit veterans, bring gifts of blankets, stories and songs
PHOTOS: Students spread holiday cheer at the George E. Wahlen Veterans Home
Some of our 6th graders commented on the experience: 
Porter L
When I went to the Veterans home, I told about lessons that I learned in my life to a veteran named Don. Don was in the air force during the Vietnam war. He flew helicopters over the battle. He grew up in New Mexico and went to the air force training which was really easy, and he was in the Air Force for three years. We got to sing  a few songs which included, chocolate, winter fantasy, and mistletoe. It was great to see all of the veterans in the veterans home. I loved how they would smile and laugh at our silly songs.
Aleia S
I think it was amazing that we got to go sing for the veterans and see them. When I wrote my story, I wondered what lessons the veterans had learned in the past. The veteran that I questioned told me that he loved this country, and that he had served in the war for twenty years. He also seemed very happy for all that he had done for the United States of America. I think that all of the students who contributed to cutting and tying the blankets helped to make all of the veterans very happy. I thank all of the veterans that have served in the war, and I am glad for the opportunities that they have given us.

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