Advanced Learning Academy

What is ALA?

ALA stands for Advanced Learning Academy. The ALA meets the needs of qualifying gifted/advanced elementary students in grades 1-6 in the Ogden School District and surrounding area. The program is housed at Taylor Canyon Elementary. The ALA program has been sponsored by the Ogden School District for over 30 years. The ALA is designed to help students delve deeper into content and offer highly-challenging learning experiences that would not ordinarily be afforded in a general classroom.

ALA Mission
The mission of this program is to meet the needs of the advanced learner through a rigorously enriched curriculum.

Belief Statement
Our mission is based on the following beliefs:

Advanced learners crave an educational environment that will provide the greatest possible development of their abilities, thus enabling them to realize their contributions to self and society.

Advanced learners require an atmosphere which fosters higher-level thinking and self-development processes, cultivating a productive, well-rounded individual.

Advanced learners deserve a curriculum designed to help meet their psychological, social, educational, and career needs.

ALL students in the district are eligible to apply to the program. Students that live outside the Ogden School District boundaries are also welcome to apply to the ALA.