Taylor Canyon Elementary is a magnet school for accelerated students in the Weber County area. It is also a neighborhood school for the boundary area.

Taylor Canyon is a school of Excellence using the 8 Keys of Excellence program. This program helps students and teachers focus on 8 values that everyone uses in their daily routine of life. The 8 Keys are Integrity (values and behavior), Failure Leads to Success (the sweet smell of success), Speak with Good Purpose (kind with our words), This is It! (chin up for a good attitude), Commitment (hard work is hard), Ownership (own what is within you), Flexibility (go with the flow), and Balance (keep it even). We have had great success in helping students with examples of people in history who have shown success in the values.

Books with diploma on top iconOur school has many activities that students have access to after school. Our school is the reigning STEM League champions for 5th and 6th grade students. STEM afterschool programs are available to any 5th or 6th grade student who would like to participate. 3rd and 4th grade students also have an opportunity to attend a STEM after school club. Our other clubs are Garden club, Chess club, Lego club, Art club, STEM Olympiad, and our Theatre program sponsored by the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program and our Ogden School District Foundation. Teachers also provide tutoring for students wanting or needing extra help in Language Arts and Math.

The accelerated students attend the Advanced Learning Academy within Taylor Canyon Elementary. The Advanced Learning Academy (ALA) extends the curriculum based on student ability. The Academy has a performance choir for 1st-2nd grade and 3rd-6th grade. These choirs perform at various venues throughout the city as well as at our school. The 1st & 2nd grade group puts on a Holiday play in December each year. The 6th grade puts on a Shakespeare play at the end of the year, supported by the Theatre club for a dinner theatre. Extra field trips are extended to the Academy through the Parent Committee. Parents make a donation to the program to help pay for the extra activities.

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Online Registration for

2018/2019 year opens 

July 1, 2018 






Registration 2018/2019

Follow the instructions below to get registered either as a returning student or new student

Student is currently or was previously enrolled in Ogden School District


Student Registration is intended for students who have previously attended a Ogden School District school. You will need to login to the portal (Aspire) as a parent, not as a student. If you are unable to login to or create a portal account, you will need to contact your student's school for assistance. Visit our school listing and use the number there to contact the school office.

Student has never been enrolled in Ogden School District


A student who has never previously attended Ogden School District will need documentation which includes the student's Birth Certificate, Immunization records and Proof of Residence.


  1. Parent/Guardian Driver's License.
  2. Proof of Residency (2 forms) in parent/guardian's name.
  3. Student' Certified Copy of Birth Certificate, Official State Birth Certificate with notary/seal. (The birth notice from hospital is no sufficient)
  4. Student's Current Immunization Records.

Instruction for ASPIRE Parent Account

Parent/Guardian SIS Access
How to create a SIS contact access account

Before you get started, you will need to request your child’s student ID number from the school secretary.

Step 1: Request a Username

If you have not created an account, click on Request a Username from the SIS login screen. (https://sis.ogdensd.org/Login.aspx)


Step 2: Student Information

  • Enter your student’s ID (provided by your school secretary)
  • Enter Birth date
  • click on Lookup Student


Step 3: Set-up Username and Password

  • Select your contact information (your name should appear as a contact, if not listed, please contact your student’s school for further information).
  • Create your Username and Password
  • Confirm Student
  • Create AccountSIS_Account_Creation_3

Your account is now created, you may log in and view your child/children’s grades, attendance, Tardy, missing assignments, email the child’s teacher, update your address, phone number and contact information. You may also subscribe to receive daily emails with grades, attendance, tardy’s and missing assignments.



School Fees - Pay Online

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La inscripción en línea para

el año 2018/2019 se abre el

2 DE ABRIL DE 2018: Kinder

1 de julio de 2018: Grados 1° - 12°

Registro 2018/2019

Siga las instrucciónes a continuación para inscribirse como un estudiante de reingreso o nueve

El alumno está o estuvo inscrito previamente en el distrito escolar de Ogden


El registro de estudiantes está dirigido a estudiantes que hayan asistido previamente a una escuela del distrito escolar de Ogden. Tednrá que iniciar sesión en el portal (Aspire) como padre, no como estudiante. Si no puede iniciar sesión o crear una cuenta en el portal, debreá ponerse en contacto con la escuela de su hijo para obtener ayuda. Visite nuestra lista de la escuela y use el número allí para comunicarse con la oficina de la escuela.

El estudiante nunca ha sido inscrito en el Distrito Escolar de Ogden


Un estudiante que nunca antes haya asistido al Distrito Escolar de Ogden necesitará documentación que incluya el certificado de nacimiento del estudiante, los registros de immunización y la prueba de residencia.


  1. Licencia de conducir de padre/tutor.
  2. Prueba de residencia (2 formularios) a nombre del padre/tutor.
  3. Certificado de nacimiento del acta de nacimiento del estado oficial con notario/sello. (El aviso de nacimiento del hospital no es suficiente)
  4. Registros de vacunación actuales del estudiante.

Cómo Registrar so cuenta de padres ASPIRE

Acceso SIS para padres/tutores

Cómo crear una curenta de acceso de contacto SIS

Antes de empezar, debrá solicitar el número de identificación de estudiante de su hijo(a) a la escuela.

Paso 1: Solicitar un nombre de usuario

Si no ha creado una cuenta, haga clic en solicite un nombre de usuario desde la pantalla de inicio de sesión de SIS. (http://ogdensd.org/Login.aspx.)


Paso 2: Información del estudiante

  • Ingreses su identifación de estudiante (proporcionado por la secretaria de la escurela)
  • Ingreses su fecha de nacimiento
  • Clic en buscar estudiante


Peso 3: Configurar nombre de usuario y contraseña

  • Seleccione su Información de contracto (su nombre debe aparecer como contacto, si no está en la lista, por favor contacte a la escuela de su estudiante para obtener más información.)
  • Crea tu nombre de usuario y contraseña
  • Confirmar estudiante
  • Crear cuenta


Ahora se ha creado su cuenta, puede iniciar sesión y ver las calificaciones de su estudiante(s), asistencia, retardos, tareas pendientes, puede enviar un correo electrónico al maestro de su estudiante, actualizar su dirección, número de teléfono e información de contacto. También puede suscribirse para recibir correos electrónicos diariamente con las calificaciones, asistencia, retardos y tareas faltantes.



Tarifas de la escuela - Pague en línea

School Supply List


Kindergarten - Mrs. Moses Mrs. Sanders

First Grade

First Grade - ALA Mrs. Eddy Mrs. Shires

Supply list for Mrs. Eddy's ALA classroom,

Please bring:

1- 1 inch binder for a portfolio

2 - dry erase markers

12 - #2 pencils

2 - glue sticks

2 - fine point black sharpie markers


Extra's if you would like to help the classroom:

paper towels

baggies (assorted sizes)

copy paper



Second Grade

Second Grade - ALA Miss Carter, Mrs. Martin

10 glue sticks

5 dry erase markers

12 - number two pencils

Box of tissues

Roll of paper towels

2-3 highlighters

First/Second Grade Split

First/Second Split- Mrs. Gleed

Mrs. Gleed’s Supply List


Personal Needs (if possible/donation)Apple, Ripe, Red, Healthy, ...

small pencil box

glue stick(s) (white glue works best)

dry erase marker(s)

dry erase marker eraser or an old sock

Apple, Ripe, Red, Healthy, ...

To Share With The Class (if possible/donation)

ream of white copy paper

box of tissues (we run out of these first)

roll of paper towels

Ziploc plastic bags any size (snack, quart, gallon)

Apple, Ripe, Red, Healthy, ...

Fun to Have (but not necessary)

own scissors

Not Necessary (please do not bring)

Pencil sharpener

Colored markers

Colored pencils

Mechanical pencils (these are more of a distraction)

(I have all of these items for them)

Required Apple, Ripe, Red, Healthy, ...

FUN in second grade!!!

Third Grade

Third Grade -Mrs. Gibson ALA Mr. Bruckman

Supply List for Mrs. Gibson’s Third Grade Class


2 pencils

Pencil sharpener with lid

Pink eraser

2 highlighters

2 black dry erase markers

Spiral notebooks

1 composition notebook

Folders with pockets

Class wish list:

Black dry erase markers


Glue sticks

Hand sanitizer

Disinfecting wipes

Paper towels

Box of tissues

No. 2 pencils

White wide ruled notebook paper

All items are optional.

Third/Fourth Grade Split

Third/Fourth Split- Mrs. Tautuaa

Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade - Mrs. Shirts Mrs. Smith

Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade – ALA Mrs. Miller Mrs. Olney

5th Grade ALA Supply List

  • One 1 inch 3-ring binder
  • One 3 inch 3-ring binder
  • 5 pocket folders without brads for three ring binder so they need holes (red, yellow, green, blue, red and purple)
  • Three ring pencil pouch
  • Dry Erase Marker
  • Pencils
  • Box of 12 colored pencils
  • Three spiral notebooks (80 pages at least)
  • 2Glue sticks
  • One LARGE box of Kleenex
  • One ream of copy paper
  • Highlighters
  • One box of Ziplock bags (sandwich or gallon sized)
  • One pair of personal earbuds

Fifth/Six Grade Split

Fifth/Six Split- Mrs. Ashby

Supply List

ONE Pencil Bag - zipper with 3 holes

ONE Pink eraser


Small Index Flags Sticky Tabs

ONE - 3” White Binder with Vinyl Cover


FOUR - Pocket Folders with 3 hole punch in blue, green, yellow and red

ONE Pair of Scissors

Glue sticks

Black Dry Erase Markers

Small handheld pencil sharpener

College Ruled Paper

ONE Pair of Personal Earbuds

Hand Sanitizer


Clorox Wipes

Paper towels

Ziplock bags (sandwich or gallon sized)

Sixth Grade

Sixth Grade - Ms. Lundgren Mrs. Davis

Ms. Lundgren

6th Grade ALA Supply List

  • One 1 inch 3-ring binder
  • One 3 inch 3-ring binder
  • Dry Erase Markers
  • Pencils
  • Box of 12 colored pencils
  • Five pocket folders without brads in the middle. They need to have holes to fit in 3 ring binder. They need one of each of the following colors ( red, green, blue, yellow, red, and purple)
  • Three spiral notebooks (80 pages at least)
  • Glue sticks
  • One LARGE box of Kleenex
  • One roll of paper towels
  • One ream of copy paper
  • Highlighters
  • One box of Ziplock bags (sandwich or gallon sized)
  • One small package of model magic
  • One pair of personal earbuds

Mrs. Davis

Three spiral notebooks

A pack of pencils

A set of colored pencils

At least three red pens


Black sarpie markers


A pack of dry erase markers

One pair of Scissors

New Panel

SPED - Mrs. Bingham

Glue Sticks


Clorox Wipes


Ziploc Bags either sandwich or gallon size

Dry erase markers

Afterschool Programs

Afterschool clubs will last one hour beginning at 2:40 p.m. Please pick up your student promptly at 3:50 p.m. at the south door.
All grades are welcome!

Lego Club

Lego Club- Lego club is starting back up again - but only twice a month with half each time (so once a month for each group, divided my last name.) We are also sending out a new permission slip, which the kids must have signed to attend, and we will hold them accountable for abiding by the rules.

Art Club

Art Club- 2nd Monday of the month.

Chess Club

Chess Club-Is for 3rd -6th grade students, students in other grades by invitation only, and meets in the library on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. Nov. 3rd is the first meeting

Sphero STEM League

Sphero STEM League-

  • Oct. 26
  • Oct. 27
  • Nov. 2
  • Nov. 4
  • Nov. 9
  • Nov. 10
  • Nov. 11

ALA Afterschool Club

Open to ALA students only

ALA Garden Club is on Wednesdays after school at 2:45 - 3:45. It will continue for at least another month until the fall gardening season stops. We will let the students know when that point is reached. It will pick up again for spring gardening probably sometime in February. Students meet in Mrs. Van Hook's room (room 9) at the start of each session. Students are to be picked up at the southeast door of the school at 3:45.