Parent Teacher Student Association

The Taylor Canyon PTA is pleased to serve parents and teachers in every way we can.Locally, we sponsor and coordinate fun activities such as the Carnival, Movie Nights, Ribbon Weeks, Teacher Appreciation and the Reflections Competition. The PTA’s nationwide network provides parents with the forum and tools to collectively influence the decisions that affect children not only at their schools, but also throughout their districts, within their states, and across the nation.

Many of the benefits our children receive today, such as universal kindergarten, the National School Lunch Program, and a juvenile justice system, were accomplished as a result of the PTA mission.
The success of the PTA depends on parents who are willing to help by donating their time and/or providing financial support for these valuable activities and programs

Membership dues for Taylor Canyon's PTA are $7.00 for the entire year.A portion of the dues goes to the local PTA, while the rest goes to support statewide and national efforts to promote policies that help our teachers and students succeed.

If you choose not to become a member, we still encourage you to attend our meetings, contribute your ideas, and volunteer your time. Please watch throughout the school year for volunteer opportunities or contact any of the PTA board members for more information.

General Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month.

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Taylor Canyon PTSA Agenda/Minutes

September 2017

PTA minutes

September 7th, 2017 Anna Erickson opened this meeting.

Discussed calendar and Positions, Details:

  • Reflections Due Thurs Oct 5th, Awards Oct 27th.
  • Red Ribbon Week - Oct 23rd- 27th - Michelle Lewis will be over it.
  • White Ribbon Week - Jan 22nd- 26th - Shannon Glaittli will be over it.
  • Dr. Seuss Week - Feb 26th- March 2nd - Sunni Wilkinson will be over it. A book exchange will happen during this week as well.
  • Green Ribbon Week - March 26th - 30th - LeeAnn Ballard will be over it.
  • Teacher Appreciation May 7th - 11th - Jami Tolman and Emily Reeves will be over it.
  • Carnival - May 18th - Brooke agreed to assist.

Discussed school clubs - One permission slip for all clubs going out - Ok'd locations with Mr. K.

  • Art Club - Emily Reeves over it, (needs one more volunteer) Second Thursday of each month.
  • Chess Club - Jason and Christine Long over it. Third Wednesday of every month.
  • Lego Club - Diana Christensen and assistant over it. Third Tuesday of every month.
  • Culture Club - Fourth Thursday of every month.

Discussed Fundraisers:

  • Movie Nights Discussed if we should do on Ribbon Week as a kickoff, and discussed showing new or old movies. TBD
  • LeeAnn presented idea for baskets for classes to create and sell at PTA meetings or other events. TBD if we can pursue this in the Springtime.
  • Continue all four movie nights. Make banners, put up a week in advance.
  • Idaho Book Fair was decided upon for Spring Book Fair - use Scholastic for Fall Book Fair if decided at a later point. We still need volunteers. Find our what hours they will be, suggested to be done by 3:45 pm. during PTC.

Motion by Anna Erickson: Shannon Glaitlli as President of PTA for 2018-2019 - Approved - Vote Affirmative, Motion Passed.

Meeting Adjourned 3:40 pm.

February 2017

PTA minutes

February 2, 2017 Meeting Anna Erickson opened the meeting.

  • White Ribbon Week: Make sure next year we reach each class with treats for those students who are caught wearing their white ribbon. Handing out treats outside at recess didn’t work as well because some classes didn’t go outside for recess. Be sure to also include kindergarten.
  • Remind: We need to use Remind more to communicate better with parents about all activities.
  • Valentine’s Day parties: We have the okay to do Valentine’s Day parties in each class. Teachers will have reimbursement forms before Valentine’s Day so that parents buying food, etc. for the parties can get reimbursed quickly. Parents need to be on the list of class Valentine’s Day parties (that Lacey in the office has) or be sure to communicate with teachers so that we do not have multiple parents planning parties for the same class. The budget is $40 per class.
  • PTA workbox: There will be a PTA workbox in the faculty workroom with projects inside that teachers have placed there. These are projects teachers need help with, and parents visiting the school to volunteer can check and see if there is anything they can do in the workbox. There will be forms there that explain what the project is, the need, and when the teacher needs it done.
  • Spring Sports: The school district offers opportunities for students to participate in soccer and track/field, but they are in need of parent volunteers to be coaches. Coaches can choose the day and time to practice, and practices may be held on the Taylor Canyon field. There is generally one main competition, so the “season” for these sports is brief. Talk to Anna Erickson if you are interested in coaching.
  • Dr. Seuss Week (February 27 – March 3): Sunni Wilkinson will be over Dr. Seuss Week Students will vote for their favorite Dr. Seuss book, dress fun each day, and conclude the week with a book exchange in the gym.
  • Green Ribbon Week (April 17 – 21): LeeAnn Ballard and Diana Christensen will be over Green Ribbon Week this year.
  • Clubs: Clubs are going well.
  • Teacher Appreciation (May 1-5): Darlan Gorton, Alicia Willoughby, Karen Hirsch, and Jami Tolman volunteered to head up Teacher Appreciation this year. The focus will be not only on teachers but on all of the adult employees of the school, to be sure everyone is included and thanked.
  • Nominations for PTA Board for 2017-2018: Please read over the names of the following candidates and be ready to vote at the next meeting (March 2). Co-president/President elect: Sarah Webster Secretary: LeeAnn Ballard Communications Coordinator: Alicia Willoughby
  • Book Fair: In the past, parents have voted not to have a book fair. That decision still stands.
  • Survey: The PTA will create a survey to assess the needs of the Taylor Canyon teachers and to get a better idea of how to communicate with parents. There will be a link on Remind and in the newsletter.

Meeting adjourned by Karen Hirsch.

Taylor Canyon
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Taylor Canyon PTSA

2017-2018 PTA Board Members Needed

We’re looking for parents to serve on next year’s PTA Presidency and Board. Positions needed: Secretary, President Elect, Public Relations (Social Media/Newsletter) Head, Red Ribbon Week Chair, and White Ribbon Week Chair. If you are willing to serve, or would like to nominate someone to serve, please contact Anna Erickson (801-980-1272) or a member of the nominating committee: Emily Reeves, Jami Tolman, and Sunni Wilkinson.

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