Community Council

Parent involvement is very important to student academic achievement. By serving on the school council, parents have the opportunity to collaborate with other parents, teachers and the principal to set and achieve school goals. Parents are rewarded with a better understanding of the educational process and have the opportunity to develop relationships with school leadership. A parent always serves as chair of the council. Parents make up the majority of the council and are often the driving force in how School LAND Trust funds are spent.

La participación de los padres es muy importante para el logro académico del estudiante. Al servir en el consejo de la escuela, los padres tienen la oportunidad de colaborar con otros padres, maestros y el director para establecer y alcanzar las metas de la escuela. Los padres son recompensados con una mejor comprensión del proceso educativo y tienen la oportunidad de desarrollar relaciones con el liderazgo escolar. Un padre siempre sirve como presidente del consejo. Los padres constituyen la mayoría del consejo y son a menudo la fuerza impulsora en cómo se gastan los fondos fiduciarios de la escuela LAND.



Name Email Position
Alicia Willoughby Chair/Parent Member
Anna Erickson Co-Chair/Parent Member
Tim Vandenack Secretary/Parent Member
Vickie Eddy Staff Member
Kasey Wardell Parent Member
Don Mendenhall Principal
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Parent Involvement
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Principal Assurance

School Land Trust Annual Summary

Taylor Canyon: Land Trust Final Report 2018-2019

Taylor Canyon Land Trust Summary
Goal 1: Taylor Canyon Elementary will have a 2 to 3 percent increase in the number of students in 4th grade who score proficient on the end of year state assessment in ELA and in order to accomplish this, Taylor Canyon Elementary will also have a 5 percent reduction in the amount of students who score as having one or more social skills deficit according to the SEL Survey ACADEMIC AREA Reading with a Behavior inclusion MEASUREMENTS Taylor Canyon Elementary will use the following measurements to determine if we are making adequate progress towards our goal Curriculum Interim Assessments, Common Formative Assessments,Utah Compose and Benchmarks Assessments Taylor Canyon will use the following measures to determine if we are making adequate progress towards our goal: Educators Handbook, SEL Survey, Second Steps Social Skills Lessons ACTION STEPS Hire one part time staff assistant Hire a partial FTE for a 4th grade classroom for the 2018-2019 school year. We will also budget funding for a subs who will provide instruction to these students if the teachers takes leave. This teacher will Develop instructional action plans Create lesson plan to provide effective Tier I instruction based on grade level standards. Use assessment data CIAs, CFAs, and other teacher created assessments to monitor and track student progress and collect data on students Hire part time Behavior Interventionist to work with students who show social skills deficits for the 2018-2019 school year Social Skills lessons will be taught to K-6 grade students Students who exhibit social skill deficits will be retaught/worked with in individually or in a small group setting. EXPENDITURES Approximately 9000 for staff assistant Approximately 25,000 for a teacher salary 300 for substitute costs Approximately 9000 for behavior interventionist Increased Distribution Goal will remain the same
GOAL 2 Delete Goal from plan
GOAL 3 Enhance and connect cross-curriculum subjects with the collaboration between teachers and Visual Arts Specialist. Sixth grade students will increase their math proficiency through the application of visual arts as it ties to the core standards ACADEMIC AREA Math MEASUREMENTS Taylor Canyon will use the following measurements: completion of visual arts projects incorporating math concepts, Common Formative Assessments ACTION STEPS Teachers will collaborate with grade level teachers to look at core standards and how they relate to their math standards. Math standards will be incorporated in the visual arts lessons Visual Arts Specialist will purchase supplies and materials to teach these concepts effectively to the students EXPENDITURES Approximately 800 for supplies Increased Distribution Goal will remain the same

Taylor Canyon: Land Trust Final Report 2017-2018

Taylor Canyon Elementary
Land Trust Summary
The funds received from Land Trust provided many opportunities for the students at Taylor Canyon.  We were able to hire staff assistants to work with our students to help them with their reading skills. At the end of the year 70% of our third through sixth grade students reached three stars or more on their Pathway to Progress goal according to the DIBELS Benchmark assessment.  We were also able to purchase Chromebooks and projectors to enrich student learning. Students were able to access supplemental programs such as ST Math to work on their essential grade level standards. Teachers were also able to spend time unpacking their grade level standard so they could plan effective Tier I instruction and create Common Formative Assessments to monitor student learning.  According to SAGE, Taylor Canyon had 58% of their third through sixth grade students proficient in reading and math and 63% of the students were proficient in science. This was a 6% increase in math and a 3% increase in science.

Taylor Canyon: Land Trust Final Report 2016-2017

Taylor Canyon School Land Trust Final Report for 2016-2017

Taylor Canyon focused on support programs, technology, and training for teachers that focused directly on student access and support for academic improvement in Math, Language Arts and Science. Action steps put into place are described below:

  • Math and Reading support programs were put into place and training for teachers was held:
    • ALEKS math support program was implemented and used by 5th and 6th grade students as outlined by District;
    • ST Math support program was implemented for K-4 grade students which was one of the Math programs approved by the District for use;
    • LEXIA reading support program was implemented and used by Kindergarten through 6th grade students as approved by the District for use.
  • Structured after-school intervention program was set for grades 3-6 – extra services paid for licensed teacher to work with students. Grades 5-6 met two days a week and grades 3-4 met two days a week. Other teachers also held before- and after-school tutoring for individual or small groups of students.
  • Portion of salary for licensed Drama teacher paid. Structured collaboration with teachers to extend Language Arts concepts put into place.
  • Technology was purchased to give students more access to support programs for all subjects and to prepare for District and State assessments
    • 51 Chromebooks were purchased
    • 3 charging carts were purchased
    • 10 laptops were purchased
  • Replaced four projectors in classrooms to support instruction
  • Supplies to support instruction
    • Purchased paper and printer ink to print math lessons, activities, and assignments.


  • 16-17: SAGE Math proficiency = 53%; SAGE Math growth = 37%
  • 16-17: SAGE English Language Arts proficiency = 59%; SAGE English Language Arts growth = 39%
  • 16-17: SAGE Science proficiency = 65%; SAGE Science growth = 44%

Taylor Canyon: Land Trust Final Report 2015-2016

Taylor Canyon: Land Trust Final Report Summary 2015-2016

Goals: Taylor Canyon Elementary will improve student academic achievement in Math, Language Arts and Science by providing interventions and extensions for students who have been identified as needing these supports. Taylor Canyon Elementary will have 8% more students score proficient on the state's SAGE testing in Mathematics, Language Arts and Science from the 2015 to the 2016 school year.

Achievement: Math SAGE Proficiency: 2015 = 51% 2016 = 52% - an increase of 23 students reaching proficiency 4th grade - proficiency = 51% - growth 31% 5th grade - proficiency = 34% - growth 40% 6th grade - proficiency = 48% - growth 65%

Language Arts SAGE Proficiency: 2015 = 58% 2016 = 56% 4th grade - proficiency = 51% - growth 53% 5th grade - proficiency = 59% - growth 61% 6th grade - proficiency 55% - growth 57%

Science SAGE Proficiency: 2015 = 55% 2016 = 51% 5th grade - proficiency = 55% - growth 49% 6th grade - proficiency = 48% - growth 41%

Action Steps:

  • MobyMax and RazKids programs purchased
  • Identification of students needing interventions and/or extensions - intervention structures put in place, as well as, extension opportunities
  • Chromebooks purchased enabling the use of technology in each classroom a minimum of one hour a day
  • Engineering and Mathematics kits purchased for use in all teachers’ classrooms.

Total Available for Expenditure in 2015-2016 $34,137 Salaries and Employee Benefits (100 and 200) $11,404 Employee Benefits (200) $3,892 Professional and Technical Services (300) $1,918 General Supplies (610) $15,169

Total Expenditures $32,383

RemainingFunds (Carry-Over to 2016-2017) $2,034 N/A $1,754